Brian Campbell

Best Ways to Care for Your Portable Solar Panel

You definitely want to get the best out of your portable solar panel, and just like any other product you have to take good care of it to expert the best experience.
Taking care of your portable solar panel also guarantees your safety, this is because well maintained solars reduce the risk of injuries and damage. It is also a way to lengthen its lifespa. This is also a way to give you peace of mind, such they you won't worry on its ability to deliver, rather you will be sure of its state and correct any needed adjustments.

With all those importance of taking care of your portable solar panel, it is just right that you have these tips on how to keep them running. These include;

1. Avoid exposing it to dirt
It might seem a usual occurrence that the solar panel will pick dirt given it is left in the open. Well, when dirt collects on the panel screen, it will form a hard sticky substance that will block sunlight from getting to the screen. You should therefore ensure you regularly clean your solar panel to free it from accumulated dirt.

2. Do not let if fall
This is obvious, you let the solar panel fall, it will get damaged. So simple. Right?

You can at times claim that it is an accident, well it doesn't matter, the damage will occur. So ensure you handle the portable 4WD Supacentre solar panel when you are sober and be as careful as possible. The lifespan and great operations of the panel depends on it.

3. Keep it with a maintenance charge
There are some period which your portable solar panel will be out use and in storage. In this period make sure that you keep charging it every 3-6 months.
This will ensure that the battery charge does not get drained when in storage. It is also good in avoiding the possibility of cell death when you will get it back to regular use.

4. Do not deplete power past 95% before recharging
You should avoid letting the charge drain altogether. This is to help in saving the life cycle of the battery, as most batteries find it hard to regain from zero, at times can even need boosting.

Even though there are other ways of keeping your 4WD Supacentre solar panel operating at the optimum, like avoiding using water when cleaning and using only the right accessories, these are the top tips you can apply.