Brian Campbell

Important Attributes of a Camping Solar Panel

Camping at a remote location means that access to the usual sources of power is not guaranteed. Even if you're on a road trip and have to pack your recreational vehicle somewhere with a good connection to mains power supply, there's no guarantee that you'll be allowed to connect your devices to the power. You can still be self-reliant as far as power is concerned while you're out there, far away from home. Just bring with you a nice solar panel to cater to all your energy needs.

Here are some of the attributes that make camping solar panels an excellent choice:

Green Energy

Mankind has done a lot to destroy the environment, especially in major cities and towns. But if you're leaving all such pollution behind you, heading on towards cleaner natural sites with minimal or zero industrial activity or interference, you don't want to contribute to contribute to environmental destruction in any way. Thankfully, powering your gadgets with solar energy reduces your carbon footprint on earth.


Camping solar panels from this company are designed to be portable. For starters, they're small in size, and you may carry certain models in your backpack. Secondly, the units are light, making them ideal for carrying in your bag, even while on a trek.


Energy efficiency is very important when it comes to the selection of a solar power unit that can sustain all your requirements while you're camping. The units are small, but that does not mean they should generate small amounts of power. Their design should allow for power output that's commensurate with your energy needs. See some solar energy information at .

As such, you need to consider the power specifications (in watts) of the all the devices you're bringing with you to the camp site. If you're powering a laptop, cell phone, water heater, radio receiver, etc at the same time, you need a high-output unit. Thankfully, your options are unlimited when it comes to shopping for the right mobile solar power panels, from 10W and 120W to 250W units, and even greater.


Don't be fooled, portable solar panels are not luxury toys of the rich only! Due to advancements in technology, it's possible to create highly-efficient solar power units at appreciable low costs. For only one or two hundred dollars, you may find a unit that supports all your camping energy needs.

As you choose your solar power panels for camping, be sure to consider energy efficiency, portability, and price. View here for more information.